International Academic Journal of Psychology and Educational Studies

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The Teacher Role in Educational System

Marjan Behzadfar and Zahra Ebadi

Abstract: The growth and development of any society requires the dynamism of the educational system of that society, and the transformation of the educational system depends on improving the performance of the teachers. Teacher is recognized as one of the important pillars of education in all societies. He is the provider of educational programs in schools and educates the community's human resources. For this reason, any material and spiritual advancement of the community depends on the quality of the work of the teachers of that society. The teacher must have been personally, scientifically and ethically in his age and always seek to strengthen them. Given the role and position of the teacher, especially in the current era, it is necessary for teachers to be selected among the best educated people and to have the necessary training in the comprehensive education of students; and, in order to enhance the performance of teachers, relevant authorities should have material needs and Spiritually providing them in a reasonable manner

Keywords: Education, Teacher, Schools, Theories, Challenges, Characteristics, Status, Role

Page: 1-5

Volume 3, Issue 1, 2016