International Academic Journal of Psychology and Educational Studies

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Investigating the Relationship between Designed Courseware and the Academic Advancement of Learners in Science Courses

Saba Mirzaei

Abstract: The aim of this research is the investigating the Relationship between designed courseware and the academic advancement of learners in science courses. So, this is a study with two stages. In first section of the survey and according to designing and production of the courseware, the survey is a productive one and in the second section, due to educational inference based on the productive courseware; this is a quasi-experimental study with pre-test and post-test besides treatment and control groups. The population includes females students studying in first district in Kermanshah education office in school year and the sample consists of 45 members chosen according to the random sampling method. After accomplishment of the pre-test and homogenization, 23 and 22 people were put in treatment and control groups, respectively. The tool for gauging the variables in the section of academic advancement as well as the pre-test and post-test ones was designed according to the researcher-made method and base on Bloom cognitive domain levels. The validity of the researcher-made tool was approved according to the ideas of the experienced elementary level teachers and reliability was determined using retesting and calculation of correlation coefficient with the amounts of 0.912 and 0.945 for pre-test and post-test, respectively. Data analysis using the format of the inferential test for covariance analysis showed that the effectiveness of the productive courseware on academic advancement of the students was approved in comparison to the learners common method with Atta Coefficient of 0.288 (Sig= 0.000, F= 16.95). Therefore, it could be concluded that teaching science course using productive courseware based on scientific designing models was more useful than the common educational methods

Keywords: Electronic Courseware Science, designed courseware, academic advancement, learners in science courses

Page: 16-24

Volume 4, Issue 1, 2017