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Investigation of Gnostic components and its analysis in Divan-e-Hafez

Fateme Jafari Kamangar

Abstract: Gnosticism with general meaning is a term that dates back to the long time B.C., but the aim in this study is Islamic Gnosticism which is a form of mysticism that comes from Eastern and oriental monotheism Indo-Iranian ideas which Iranians used that as their ideological weapons against the caliphs of Baghdad. This idea which its formation stems to outset centuries of Islam, in addition to creation of many religions, is enumerated as the principles of Sufism. However, it was under inspection of caliphs and their following kings and several individuals and many People were hanged for the sake of their belief to that, it was never forgotten and many scholars of Islamic mysticism associated with that. Khaje Hafez Shirazi was also not exempted from this category. This research without intention to prove Hafez mysticism or put him under a particular religion, attempts to study Gnostic’s notion in his lyrics. In this study, it has been proved that Hafez’s opinion is out of Shia, Sunni, Ashari and Mu'tazili, but it is based on Islamic Gnosticism which stems to Ishraq monotheism and Islamic intellectual belief, not simple, empathic and indoctrination Arabs religion which was prevailed in the first centuries after Islam

Keywords: Gnosticism, Hafez, Islamic Mysticism, Sufism, Shia

Page: 20-30

Volume 4, Issue 2, 2017