International Academic Journal of Psychology and Educational Studies

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The study of the job satisfaction of Be’esat Hospital Employees in Sanandaj and its relative factors on 2013

Sima Sorsori,Majed Ariapour,Hossein Ja’afari,Sorour Mazaheri and Ahdieh Aminzad

Abstract: This research is a kind of study from the sectional analysis that 600 persons from the employees were analyzed in different job degrees (doctor, nurse, midwife, etc.) with the manner of census in treatment, paramedical and official parts. For the data collection is used a standard questionnaire of the job satisfaction including 40 questions in the context of person’s emotion dimensions from the job, the manager, the supervisor, the cooperators, the promotion and salary and benefits based on the Likert. The data were analyzed with the spss17 software and using the descriptive and analytical indicators like Pearson coefficient. There is a positive and meaningful correlation between the dimensions of the employee job satisfaction. The general satisfaction of the practitioner employees 15.30 in the average and the highest level of the job satisfaction is related to the doctors in the level of 08.4 and the lowest is related to the official unit's employees in the level of 07.3. The results of this study can help the managers with the explanation of dimension related to the job satisfaction of different employees and their prioritizing for the adoption of management solutions. The solutions can be useful including decrease of the job stressful factors, creation of the appropriate space for the cooperation in the work, improvement of the management methods, creation of the special rule and discipline for the development, making more equitable the payment system and providing the welfare facilities

Keywords: Job satisfaction, Be’esat Hospital, Sanandaj

Page: 42-50

Volume 4, Issue 2, 2017