International Academic Journal of Psychology and Educational Studies

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A Study of Review on Wildlife

Vitthalrao B. Khyade

Abstract: Humans have historically tended to separate civilization from wildlife in a number of ways including the legal, social, and moral sense. Some animals, however, have adapted to suburban environments. This includes such animals as domesticated cats, dogs, mice, and gerbils. Some religions declare certain animals to be sacred, and in modern times concern for the natural environment has provoked activists to protest against the exploitation of wildlife for human benefit or entertainment. Wildlife conservation has become an increasingly important practice due to the negative effects of human activity on wildlife. An endangered species is defined as a population of a living species that is in the danger of becoming extinct because of several reasons. Some of The reasons can be, that, the species have a very low population, or they are threatened by the varying environmental or prepositional parameters

Keywords: Wildlife, Fauna, Indian Wildlife

Page: 1-9

DOI: 10.9756/IAJPES/V5I1/1810006

Volume 5, Issue 2, 2018