International Academic Journal of Psychology and Educational Studies

  • ISSN 0000-0000

Trust in E-Business Performance

Hadi FarajollahEsfahani and Masaoud Mahmodi Lafvat

Abstract: This Research has done to investigating the effect of Trust Behaviour on Business to consumer (B2C) in E-Business and Electronic Banking. This paper presents a model to conduct a theoretical study in electronic banking in order to improve Electronic Banking performance. The Trust plays a fundamental role in determining the performance in electronic banking. In this research, a model has been developed that includes the factors of Trust and study for depicting how a consumer’s trust towards an e-banking service provider develops, enhances or loses? This theoretical model will show that how we have developed in order to better understanding of trust development in an electronic banking context. It is hoped that this paper can provide an academic source for both consumers and managers due to investigate the relationship between Trust Beliefs and Loyalty in a systematic manner to increase customer’s Loyalty in electronic Banking

Keywords: Quality of Information, Website quality, Security, Privacy, Quality of doing e-transactions, Perceived Risk, Trust, Loyalty

Page: 8-21

Volume 1, Issue 1, 2014