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Effect of Innovative Promotion Mix on Interactive Marketing for Business Organizations: A Case Study in Iraqi General Company for Automotive and Equipment Industry

Sarmad Hamza Jassim and Bushra Jawad M. Ridha

Abstract: Aim of this paper is to show the importance of the innovative promotion mix with its five elements: innovative advertising, innovative personal selling, innovative sales promotion, innovative public relations, and innovative direct selling, and knowing their impact on interactive marketing in Business organizations. Personal interviews were conducted with (129) managers in Iraqi General Company for Automotive and Equipment Industry, and their answers to the questionnaire were analyzed statistically, results are strong relationships between the variables investigated and that they are offer many advantages to business organizations. It contributes to business organizations management field literature and advises about marketing of its product, it is clarifying the importance of innovative promotion and its role in implementing interactive marketing in particular. Innovative advertising and innovative direct selling has a big influence at interactive marketing, know that by a case study in one Iraqi organization, it requires to own exhibitions for its products through which the product is delivered directly to customers, and thus the business organization can raise its sales volume, increase its market share and improve its position in the market through innovative promotion.

Keywords: Innovative Promotion Mix, Innovative Advertising, Innovative Personal Selling, Innovative Sales Promotion, Innovative Public Relations, Innovative Direct Selling, Interactive Marketing.

Page: 08-20

DOI: 10.9756/IAJSS/V9I2/IAJSS0909

Volume 9, Issue 2, 2022