International Academic Journal of Social Sciences

  • ISSN 2454-3918

Economic resistance and lifestyle

zobaydeh sarli and Abbas Ali Gorzyn

Abstract: The present article aims to investigate educational approach has done with economic resistance and its role in the life style of the people can have. Economic resistance is reduce of dependencies, emphasized the advantages of domestic production and strive for self-reliance. The economic resistance, with a look at the lifestyle, is a kind of economy that in conflict situations, threats and sanctions or natural disasters, can be achieved long-term and short-term goals without any dependence. In this paper, we review some fundamental and important issues of resistance economy (such as supporting national production, policies of 44 Principle of the constitution, pay attention to the elite and the use of new technology), pillars of resistance economy (fostering of work culture and production, reform the consumption pattern and abstinence of waste), the main goals of realization the economic resistance in lifestyle(Curbing of corruption, the promotion of economic strength in the face of sanctions to get rid of dependence on oil income, self-reliance instance, prioritizing trade partners of Iran) and whether the literature of economic resistance will be achieved among households? , And finally we have to offer the guidelines and recommendations for the realization of economic resistance. This research is based on qualitative methods, data collection, scientific analysis and comparative.

Keywords: economic resistance, lifestyle, foundations, goals, strategies

Page: 8-15

Volume 1, Issue 1, 2014