International Academic Journal of Social Sciences

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To Assess the Social Maturity Level among Congenital Heart Defect Children

Mridula .C.Jobson and Dr. R. Subhashini

Abstract: In India about 27 million children are born each year, But nearly 2 million of them do not live to the age of 5. Due to increase of medical surgical treatment there is decrease in mortality rate but increase psychosocial problem in pediatrics. It is estimated that 125,000 children are born every year with congenital heart disease. Children in today’s society seem to be much more pampered and less responsible than they were a few decades ago. They also seemed to have lost much of the value system that most of us took for granted while growing up. The children is found to be embraced the entrance into the fascinating cultural and social that set them apart from adults. Social maturity has to do with how well people understand the nature of the social world they live within. Social maturity is what enables us to function as healthy adults. Children are by definition, socially immature, and nobody wants them to stay the same way as they grow into adults. In fact, a great deal of difficulty is involved in helping children finds their way to become mature adults. It includes the development of social skills, psychomotor skills, self care skills, social development. Any types of diseases can interfere with these skills with over pampering and over cautiousness. To assess the Social Maturity Level among Congenital Heart Defect Children .This study on social maturity will help the researcher to find out the levels of social maturity among the congenital heart defect children. This will enable the parents, teachers to deal effectively with their children and help them to become mature adult. The study follows the descriptive research design with sampling technique of convenient sampling technique. The sample size selected was 50 cardiac paediatric patients. The study reveals very superior social maturity level among Congenital Heart Diseased Children. The preliminary study about social maturity level among congenital heart defect shows very superior social maturity level among children. This particularly emphasize on multidimensional assessment and treatment at earlier stage

Keywords: Congenital Heart Disease, Social maturity, Pediatric, Cognitive Retraining

Page: 1-6.

Volume 3, Issue 2, 2016