International Academic Journal of Humanities

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Mutual Roles of Wives in Islam

Alireza Dehghanpour and Akram Nematollahi

Abstract: The marriage is one of sweetest linkages and relationships. Having a good wife in the life is one of the great blessings. The teachings of Islam about family, lead us to a system that satisfies all physical, mental and spiritual requirements in the family. The main principle in the relationship between the husband and his wife, is that they are garments for one another {Being close and garments to each other as well as covering up each other‟s faults}. Each of them have thecommon and especial roles or tasks. Good understanding, kindness, complaisant, patience, division of tasks, charity, forgiveness, gratitude, adornment, honesty, humility, good calling, tolerance, are examples of the common tasks. The especial duties of husbands arethe affairs like : head of family, trying to garnish the comfort and economic needs, and education, honor, letting his wife to partake in the meetings, special reverence towards his wife, travel souvenir. She also has specific tasks like :good housewifery, warm welcoming, obedience, cooking, to grant the sexual needs and desires of her husband, compatibility, the hijab(veil). The duties of wives arenot only limited to legal and Juridical obligations but they also have the moral duty.

Keywords: Husbands, wives, duties, obligation, moral

Page: 1-9

Volume 1, Issue 1, 2014