International Academic Journal of Humanities

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Prediction of depression in students with emotional breakdown based on attachment styles and self-concept

Shahnaz Moradtalab and Asghar Jafari

Abstract: This study aimed to predict depression in students with emotional breakdown based on attachment and self-concept styles. Methods: This study was correlational type and the society consists of single male and female students aged 19-34 years, from Karaj Islamic Azad University, which at least 6 months past their romantic relationship breakdown and failure symptoms remain on them, who were selected by purposive sampling method and responded to questionnaire of the adult attachment styles Collins and Reid (RAAS), questionnaire of the self-concept of Rogers, and emotional difficulties questionnaire (DASS-21). For data analysis, the significance test, Pearson correlation and multiple regression were used. Results:The results showed a significant relationship between attachment and depression styles (p<0.05). Subscale (closeness, dependence), has a significant negative relationship with depression. Poor or negative self-concept subscale of anxiety and depression also has a significant positive relationship. Conclusion: This study showed that attachment and self-concept styles predicts that depression has an emotional breakdown. In order to reduce the depression of the students has an emotional breakdown, it is suggested to pay attention to their attachment styles and to strengthen positive self-concept in all them.

Keywords: attachment style, self-concept, depression, emotional breakdown

Page: 32-40

Volume 1, Issue 1, 2014