International Academic Journal of Humanities

  • ISSN 2454-2245

Morally correct pattern of behavior and social interaction with a focus on Islamic education in the Prophet of Islam (PBUH)

Farzaneh Fridani and Somayeh Vosoughi

Abstract: Behavior in a person's life, family, and community that should be about it Action and behavior has meaning and effect and interaction, two-way action that has two sides and is considered as the cornerstone of social behavior. Interact with characters have continuity and durability. Enjoying success in life depends on the proper pattern. Human existing social that very few people that have to deal every day with highly interactive and. Human social interactions with others requires effective and efficient relationship healthy and moral character, has special treatment. The most successful people are those who interact socially and communicate with others, the best and most desirable approach is given. Human to achieve higher levels of ethics and training in life is to make a model requires. How ethics and human, benefit from good pattern. Choose a suitable model ethical behavior both large and small, from how to dress, eat, dealing with family, socializing with people, the great cultural works, a promo campaign is effective, in the vast field of life. The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and the Imams, religious leaders - political Muslim community, there are some principles underlying the development of scientific thought and thought and forged them - of the state and the Muslim community.

Keywords: Islamic ethics, correct pattern, social interactions, Prophet of Islam (PBUH), behavior .

Page: 60-68.

Volume 1, Issue 1, 2014