International Academic Journal of Humanities

  • ISSN 2454-2245

The study of the relationship between birth weight and Dyslexia and birth weight in elementary school students

Mahdi Yahyazadeh Darzi, Fatemeh Rasouli Khorshidi and Nasrin Barsalani

Abstract: The present study examined the relationship between birth weight and dyslexia in elementary students. 30 children with dyslexia who referred to Koosha specialized center for learning disability on behalf of their schools in Babol were compared with 30 healthy students who were similar to the children of dyslexic group in terms of cultural-economic features. Wechsler children test and Reading & dyslexia tests were used to evaluate dyslexia and intelligence. Also, vaccination card was used to extract birth weight. Research data were analyzed by descriptive statistical methods, independent T-test methods and Pearson correlation. Our results indicate that there is a significant relationship between dyslexia and birth weight.

Keywords: Dyslexia, Birth weight, Intelligence, Elementary students.

Page: 77-81

Volume 1, Issue 1, 2014