International Academic Journal of Humanities

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The effect of play-therapy with cognitive-behavioral approach on reducing Oppositional Defiant Disorder signs and increasing students’ educational improvement

Roghayyeh Vatanbaaf, Ehsan Shahsavari Shirazi, Amin Azizi and Mariam Hosseini Motlagh

Abstract: One of the most prevalent behavioral disorders that happen in elementary school ages is the oppositional defiant disorder. There are different interventions to treat this disorder. The research is done for the purpose of evaluating the effect of play-therapy with cognitive-behavioral approach on reducing oppositional defiant disorder signs and increasing boy students’ educational improvement in elementary schools in Shiraz. Pre-test and post-test models were used in this quasi-experimental study with control group. The statistical population was fourth and fifth grade boy students in district I of Shiraz in 2012-2013. The multistage cluster random sampling method was used. 20 children were identified considering the criterion for child behavior checklist (CBCL), parent’s form, teacher report form (TRF) and diagnostic interview from the students’ parents. Then, by the random assignment method, they were divided into two groups: control group and experimental group. The experimental group was involved in 10 sessions of play-therapy. Beside the aforesaid tests, these students’ educational improvement was evaluated by the teacher-made test. The one-way analysis of variance test was used to analyze the data. The result of the statistical analysis demonstrated that the cognitive-behavioral play-therapy leads to the reduction of oppositional defiant disorder signs; however, it had no influence on increasing the students’ educational improvement in intervention group. The present research shows the reduction of oppositional defiant disorder signs on intervention result that is along with the researches of foreign countries which seem to be a suitable method to treat the mentioned disorder.

Keywords: oppositional defiant disorder, cognitive-behavioral play-therapy, educational improvement, students

Page: 23-32

Volume 1, Issue 2, 2014