International Academic Journal of Accounting and Financial Management

  • ISSN 2454-2350

The Relation between Work Engagement and Organizational Performance (Case Study: branches of Refah - e - Kargaran Bank in Kermanshah City)

Hadi Farhangian Nia and Nariman Abdi

Abstract: This study has already done with purpose of Investigating the Relationship between Work Engagement and Organizational Performance. The research method was descriptive-correlational research. Statistical population of this research is considered to all employees of branches of Refah - e -Kargaran Bank in Kermanshah City. Sample size consists of 147 people who are available and full numbered. To collect data, questionnaires of Sclaufeli et al for work engagement and Kaplan's and Norton's organizational performance questionnaires were used. The questionnaire validity were reviewed and approved by a survey of professors and experts in the field. The questionnaire reliability was assessed by Cronbach's alpha coefficient that Cronbach’s alpha coefficient for work Engagement (0.731), work engagement (0.810) and organizational performance (0.798) was obtained. All analyses of findings in this research was done at error level=0.05 and using SPSS software and Smart PLS software. The results of data analysis showed a positive and meaningful relation with error level lower than 0.01 between work engagement and its components (energy, absorption, dedication) and organizational performance. Also it showed that coaching, absorption and dedication are the only factors affecting on organizational performance. In addition to, it showed that work engagement has the significant mediator role between work Engagement and organizational performance of bank branches in Kermanshah. In general, based on the research findings, it is suggested to management of Refah Kargaran bank branches of Kermanshah to review in the work description and the tasks description through further analysis of work and to increase the businesses options and to create an opportunity for freedom and decision-making of staffs and to provide backgrounds of more feedback in work entrümpelung

Keywords: Work Engagement, Organizational Performance, Energy, Absorption, Dedication

Page: 32-43

Volume 1, , 2014