International Academic Journal of Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management

  • ISSN 2454-2210

Organizational Career Growth and Employees‟ Turnover Intentions: An empirical evidence from Nepalese Private Commercial Banks

Gangaram Biswakarma

Abstract: Today an individual's career is no longer tied to a single organization, as career changes and job mobility have become common phenomena. To be successful in one's career, employees today have to balance the relationship between their desire for career growth and their attitudes toward their current organizations. This study examined the direct effect of organizational career growth on employees’ turnover intention, as well as the moderating influence of demographic variables. The relationship is examined among employees of Nepalese Private Commercial Banks. This study empirical support the Weng et al. 2010 study of organizational career growth conceptualized by four factors: career goal progress, professional ability development, promotion speed and remuneration growth. This study failed to confirm the four dimensional model, as an alternative the study proposed three factor model, clubbing together Promotion Speed and Remuneration Growth to one latent variable. Data was acquired from 290 banking employees of Nepal. The results indicates the organizational career growth dimensions negatively related to employees’ turnover intentions. Furthermore, none of the demographic variables (Gender, Age, Education, Marital Status and Position) are significantly moderating the phenomenon. It was also found that Promotion Speed and Remuneration Growth is the foremost factors that have direct high impact on Employees’ Turnover Intentions, followed by Career Growth Progress in Nepalese context. In Nepalese context, organisations should emphasize more towards Promotion Speed and Remuneration Growth of the employees for retaining them to the organisation and encourage the employees to contribute towards the effectiveness and productivity of these organisations (banks)

Keywords: Organizational Career Growth, Employees’ Turnover Intentions, Nepalese Commercial Banks, EFA, CFA, SEM

Page: 1-17

Volume 1, Issue 1, 2014