International Academic Journal of Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management

  • ISSN 2454-2210

Presenting a Typology of Users Satisfaction Model from Electronic Government

Fatemeh Taheri and Seyedeh Reyhaneh Mirghiasi

Abstract: Increasing population growth on the one hand and the inability of traditional methods to meet the needs of citizens, on the other hand, has led the government to new methods of electronic technology to meet the needs of their citizens. One of the best and most effective ways is to build e-government. So far, many countries have used e-government services. Some have been succeeded and others failed. But what has not actually attracted the attention of many governments especially in Iran, is user satisfaction with egovernment. It is a crucial factor that plays a fundamental role in the success of the governments. In this article, the concepts of e-government and user satisfaction are studied and models of user satisfaction are reviewed. Then theories of the researchers in previous research will be studied and factors of satisfaction in Iran will be reviewed. The methods of collecting data in this article is using of library and internet resources and a combination of opinions of different researchers. The identified factors include loyalty, expectations, perceived quality, reliability, ease of use and security. At the end of training courses, electronic services as an important factor in satisfaction are recommended to the authorities

Keywords: Typology, Users Satisfaction, Electronic Government

Page: 28-43

Volume 1, , 2014