International Academic Journal of Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management

  • ISSN 2454-2210

Role of information technology and information systems in the process of improving the quality of education manager’s decisions

Javad Deihim,Tooraj Sadeghi and Samira Rezaei

Abstract: In the complex and high-speed world of modern era, along with technological advances and knowledge, today more than ever, managers need access to data and information about the inner workings of the organizations and status of activities and knowledge of them. IT and information systems are among effective factors in improving the management decisions in education system which can allowing managers to make appropriate decisions for the of the educational system and is used as decision support to them. managers can control the effectiveness of organizational decisions and activities using this information and with planning and timely decisions, empowering their organizations. The present research has been shaped by perceiving the importance and necessity of research that modern technology now plays a role in improving the quality of management decisions and its purpose is the role of information technology and information systems to improve the quality of decision in director of education. So, from where , educational system is as the context to the development of any country, having accurate, relevant, timely and fast information increase the speed and accuracy of decision by manager of education and prevent choice of many wrong decisions. Therefore, due to the sensitivity of the issue and the need to clarify the article, first, the definition of information technology and information systems and its forms, explain systems of management decision making and the role of information systems in decision quality of education director is discussed and at the end , the suggestions and resources are provided.

Keywords: IT, information systems, decision-making, Education, manager

Page: 54-70

Volume 1, , 2014