International Academic Journal of Science and Engineering

  • ISSN 2454-3896

Implementation of the Satellite Ground Station Control in Real-Time Under Windows

Mehdi Vakilfard,Asghar Taheri and Mohammad Reza Salehifar

Abstract: As a result of crucial importance of control panels in satellite earth stations, for the purpose of implementation of this panel, a separate DOS operating computer is used and the rest of commands are executed by another computer running windows OS. Combined application of two computers and establishment of coordination between them, in addition to lack of suitability of the DOS operating system for users are the weaknesses of the mentioned method. Therefore, this article focuses on implementation of the entire operations on a single Windows XP operated computer. In this regard, the control panel is meant to be a real-time system. Making use of the software of MATLAB in combination with application of Windows NT and the Windows CE operating systems are the steps which have been taken in order to obtain the former goal. In this article, the software of RTX Venturcam is used for implementation of the real-time control algorithm in combination with implementation of some other side programs under Windows XP. RTX is approved by Microsoft and by making use of this application, the both advantages of real-time execution of tasks and a user friendly environment can be obtained

Keywords: Real-Time System, Operating System, Control Panel, MATLAB Real-Time Execution Environment, RTX Software

Page: 1-9

Volume 1, Issue 1, 2014