International Academic Journal of Science and Engineering

  • ISSN 2454-3896

A Comparative Study on Fault Tolerance Methods in IP Networks versus Software Defined Networks

Mohammad Reza Parsaei,Seyed Habib Khalilian and Reza Javidan

Abstract: Today, to create and maintain a secure communication in a network and implementation of sophisticated management policies on network devices, operators have to deal with low-level and exclusive configuration of vendors devices. Current IP networks by combining control and data surfaces, have kept flexibility of management rules at a very low level. It is both difficult to configure the network according to predefined policies, and to reconfigure it to respond to faults, load, and changes. However, a new style of computer networks, i.e. Software Defined Networks (SDNs) has introduced modern facilities to manage and configure the networks by separating the control level from the data level and this results in smarter, more flexible and controllable management and introduce new abstractions in networking, simplifying network management and facilitating network evolution. However, SDN is unable to survive when facing failure, in particular in large scale data-center networks. Due to the programmability of SDN, mechanism could be designed to achieve fault tolerance. Fault tolerance in a computer system can be obtained through redundancy in software, data or calculations. Such redundancy can be implemented in a static, dynamic or combined configuration. In this paper, we present a comprehensive survey on SDN. We start by introducing the motivation for SDN, explain its main concepts and how it differs from traditional networking, its roots, and the standardization activities regarding this novel paradigm. Next, we present the key building blocks of an SDN infrastructure using a bottom-up, layered approach. We also look at cross-layer problems such as debugging and troubleshooting. In particular, We study on fault tolerant techniques and methods in current IP networks and SDN. Finally an analysis of all current methods is discussed

Keywords: Software Defined Networking, fault tolerance, OpenFlow, programmable networks

Page: 29-37

Volume 1, Issue 1, 2014