International Academic Journal of Science and Engineering

  • ISSN 2454-3896

Investigating Effects of Obstacles’ Arrangement on the Velocity of Density Current’s in Experimental Conditions

Seyed Mostafa Tabatabaei,Hossein Khozeymehnezhad,Abolfazl Akbarpuor and Peyman Varjavand

Abstract: Density Currents reaching the reservoir dam reduces the shelf life and reducing or even eliminating the amount of water regulate and loss of profits caused by power generation and flood control. One method of density current control is creating obstacles before the reservoir dam. In this study Six types effect of obstacles arrangement: similar convergent, similar divergent, parallel, z(ed) shape, zigzag and chess-like studied the density current control is completed. The experiments were performed in a channel length of 10 meters. Made of plastic and the covering Obstacles’ was three meters. Then density current velocity was measured in 6 and 4 sections 0.5 meters between and after covering obstacles’. Experiments with 3 bed Slope 0, 1 and 2%, with a salt concentration of 40 and 80 g/l was repeated. The results show if there are obstacles’ in front of density currents, the velocity of the front reduces consequently. Covering obstacles’ leading to reduce velocity average 21-59 of percent density current. Arrangement covering obstacles 3-16 %. Was effective on the velocity of density current. The similar convergent arrangements have the better yield in contrast to those of other arrangements. After crossing of obstacles, in one section increases velocity of density current. But this velocity is not impressive. And Density current also affected by covering obstacles. Therefore, controlling the density current on the slopes can be effective in controlling and increase the effects of obstacles arrangement

Keywords: Bed Slope, Dam Reservoirs, Density Current, Obstacles’ Arrangement

Page: 53-64

Volume 4, Issue 1, 2017