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The Impact of Strategic Improvisation on the Nature of the Strategic Choice for the Tourism Organizations - An Exploratory Study in the Iraqi Tourism Board

Akram Abdulkareem

Abstract: The research aims to analyze the nature of the strategic options approved by the Tourism Board, The effort exerted in the application and implementation of these options, and the research problem emerges through the dialectic of strategic improvisation as one of the mechanisms or methods that require the Board and the bodies responsible for performance in the sector to adopt to enable the working departments to deal with problems and crises, As well as forming mental perceptions about its work methods at the present and future level to keep pace with its work in light of the increasing environmental changes, in order to determine the optimal strategic option, The Iraqi Tourism Board represented the field container for researching variables in its applied form, as the research sample was represented by (106) respondents from the leaders of the Board with its various formations, departments and people, whose opinions were surveyed and subjected to statistical analysis. One of the most prominent conclusions of the research is that the strategic choice is at the heart of the strategic management process in the body that were question, and this is clear in the mechanisms and steps adopted in this context. It is the most difficult step in it and involves three sequential processes: the generation and evaluation of strategic alternatives and then selecting the appropriate alternative. And one of the most important recommendations is the necessity of increasing the managers interest in the issue of adequacy and alignment between the strategic options selected in the Board and the shape and style of the organizational structures prepared to serve them, because strategic success depends on creating interactive structures that are consistent with the nature of the option and moving away from traditional structures.

Keywords: Strategic Improvisation, Strategic Choice, The Iraqi Tourism Board.

Page: 01-12

DOI: 10.9756/IAJSE/V9I1/IAJSE0901

Volume 9, Issue 1, 2022