International Academic Journal of Innovative Research

  • ISSN 2454-390X

The Islamic and Religious Education in Malaysian Schools: From Past Up to Now

Nasrin Karimizadeh and Mahmoud Abolghasemi

Abstract: Islamic and religious education has a long history in Malaysia which has been faced enormous ups and downs. Gained a solid ground in religious education, Malaysia could be able to establish and deal with Islamic schools and religious curricula after putting behind all those ordeals. Iranian Islamic Revolution has been one of the most effective factors in Islamization of Malaysian educational system. The researches of the current article have considered and studied the history of the event and the effects of England colonization on religious schools and their Islamic curricula based on analytical – descriptive method and the library research. Finally, they have proposed some practical and feasible suggestions in order to unify the Muslim nations in acquiring an integrated, unified, Islamic, and religious curriculum according to the research results and resources.

Keywords: Talent Management, Attract, Retain, Development, Discovery, Employees Performance

Page: 14-24

Volume 1, Issue 2, 2014