International Academic Journal of Innovative Research

  • ISSN 2454-390X

The effects of modern ways of teaching based on Choice Theory and Locus of Control on students’ operation

Seyede Roghaye Vaezzade and Elham Alinia

Abstract: In this research, the effects of modern ways of teaching based on Glasser’s Choice Theory and Rutter’s Locus of Control Theory on students’ operations will be discussed. The Statistical Society of this research includes all students and teachers of the Shahid Rajaei Teacher Training Center of Babol. Based on Cochran formula, 200 men and 200 women were chosen using Cluster sampling method. Research tools include Rutter's Locus of Control Scale (I-E) and Academic Transcripts of students. Data was processed using Descriptive Statistics and Inferential statistics (T-test). The research shows that students with internal locus of control have better performance in lessons and understanding them. Also, it reveals that female students have more external locus of control. According to disseverments of this research, students with low interest and poor performance have external locus of control, so to improve this situation and to increase learning performance to a satisfying level, authorities, teachers, parents and students should replace 7 external locus of control (censure, sarcasm, complain, threat, punishment, lure, mutter) with 7 internal locus of control (acceptance, eulogy, shelter, trust, respect, discussion, listening)

Keywords: Teaching, Choice Theory, Locus of Control, Gender, Learning Performance

Page: 25-28

Volume 1, Issue 2, 2014