International Academic Journal of Innovative Research

  • ISSN 2454-390X

The Effect of Transactional Analysis Group Therapy on the Decrease of Aggression in Couples with Addict Husbands

Javad Asadolahi,Sayed Ali Kimiayee and Taybeh Astaneh parast

Abstract: the research has been carried out to investigate the effectiveness of transactional analysis group therapy on the decrease of aggression in addict couples. The research plan was quasi-experimental with pre-test and post-test and control group. The sample consisted of 40 addict couples who were in the “hope to life” rehabilitation center in Sabzevar. 20 people were in control group and 20 in experiment group. The members of experiment group got 8 sessions of transactional analysis group therapy while the members of control group got nothing. Before and after presenting group therapy, aggression questionnaire have been filled with sample groups. The results of covariance analysis show that in post-test, the aggression of experiment group has had a significant decrease in comparison with control group. Conclusion: the results of the study prove this fact that transactional analysis group therapy leads to a decrease in aggression of addict couples

Keywords: Talent Management, Attract, Retain, Development, Discovery, Employees Performance

Page: 11-17

Volume 3, Issue 1, 2016