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Place number three in Shams Molana Ghazel

Somaya Rahimi Aliabadi

Abstract: On the past, numbers were not as we see them now, but there were some superstitions prevailing about them. Number is an eras in which human was dealing with it and has used it as a means for meeting requirements and continuing his life. Numbers use on people beliefs does have special situation. Different nations on the world according to their preliminary myth of civilization have paid attention to special numbers and some of them were holy or some were ominous. Number 3 is one of numbers in which we dedicate “all” word to it, from symbolic view, number Tao is strong. Because it has central equilibrium point. In this thesis, we have tried to examine using number 3 in Molina’s Ghazel in which from different uses, the most one is for general influence power and after it does have generality

Keywords: No.3, shams Ghazel, special number, different religion culture

Page: 37-46

DOI: 10.9756/IAJIR/V6I1/1910003

Volume 6, Issue 1, 2019