International Academic Journal of Social Sciences

  • ISSN 2454-3918

Volume 1, Issue 2

Teaching Cursive Hand Writing As An Intervention Strategy For High School Children With Dysgraphia

Akella Indira and Dr. Premavathy Vijayan

Page: 1-10

Mahdism in religions

Tahereh Parsa

Page: 11-22

Islamic Religious Approach to the Use of Public Funds and Public Funds in Islam

Soheila Ghandahari

Page: 23-33

The Point of View of Teachers in Connection with the Integration of Schools in Special Schools in District 2 Education City of Zahedan

Malihe Hajipour

Page: 34-39

The Role of Women in the Society from Islam's Perspective

Zahra Keikha

Page: 40-50