International Academic Journal of Social Sciences

  • ISSN 2454-3918

Volume 3, Issue 1

The Relationship between Individual Characteristics, Family Characteristics, and Previous Academic Performance and Chosen Major among High School Students in Tarom

Maryam GareGoshloo and Leila Jafari

Page: 1-7.

The relationship between personality traits, irrational beliefs and Couple Burnout

Ahad Najafi

Page: 8-14

Destination Loyalty in Sport Tourism Revisited: A Field Study

Roghaye Heidari, Akbar Heidary and Mehrnoosh DanaPour

Page: 15-23

The effect of the hidden curriculum on learning English lesson from the English teachers point of view in amol high schools

Maliheh Aazami and Mohsen Fallah

Page: 24-33

How many individuals are LGBT? A case study of adults in Nishapur

Emad Khalili

Page: 34-47