International Academic Journal of Social Sciences

  • ISSN 2454-3918

Volume 3, Issue 1

The Effects of Cooperative Learning On the Academic Progress of Students

Bahman RahroZargar, Firouz RahroZargar, Samira RahroZargar and Sanaz Amani

Page: 139-143

Is Pragmatics Teachable?

Seyed Mohammad Ali Mansoorian, Mohammad Rasoul Homayoun and Amin Jamali Nasab

Page: 144-151

Investigating impact of elderly people’s gender, place of birth, education, and marital status on their life quality from the perspective of students in Zanjan

Leili Mohammadi

Page: 152-156

Review Necessity of education of life skills to elementary students

Mohaddeseh Saffarieh

Page: 157-163

A Novel Attitude towards Future Research in Religious Culture

Soheyla Miri

Page: 164-175