International Academic Journal of Humanities

  • ISSN 2454-2245

Volume 3, Issue 1

The relationship between parenting style and mental health

Ahad Najafi

Page: 1-5

Studying of the Effectiveness of Psychodrama Approach on Reducing Frustration and Increasing Emotional Regulation of Street Children

Kazem Geram and Amin Dehghan

Page: 6-15.

A Comparison of Coping Styles of Exceptional Children's Mothers and Normal Children's Mothers

Kazem Geram

Page: 16-25

The Impact of Social Networks on Various Aspects of Life

Faride Nouri Sadegh

Page: 26-31

The relationship between attachment style, self-concept and academic procrastination

Seyede Olya Emadian and Narges Firouz Zadeh Pasha

Page: 32-38