International Academic Journal of Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management

  • ISSN 2454-2210

Volume 4, Issue 2

The Relationship between Iranian English Teachers‟ Sense of efficacy and their Classroom Management Strategy Use

Zeinab Salman Panah and MohammadRasoul Homayoun

Page: 1-9

Organizational Learning Process in Single, Double and Triple Loop Companies in a Post-Crisis Situation in the Textile Sector in Tunisia

Dr Olfa Moussa Skhiri

Page: 10-25

The Relationship between Human Resources Empowerment with Tend to Entrepreneurial (Case Study: Aghajari Oil and Gas Production Company)

Zakieh Beiki Damneh,Mehraban Hadi Peykani and Honarmndiyan Fatemeh

Page: 26-45

How to Measure Technological Capabilities (Case study: Cooperative Investment Guarantee Fund)

Mehdi Hoseinnezhad and Abdolreza Karimpoor Malakshah

Page: 46-54

Identification of the lifestyle in theories and sayings of Imam Jafar Sadeq (AS)

M. Fouladinejad,F. Taghipoor and H. Baghsheikhi

Page: 55-66