International Academic Journal of Science and Engineering

  • ISSN 2454-3896

Volume 1, Issue 1

A New Method to Build Gene Regulation Network Based on Fuzzy Hierarchical Clustering Methods

Masoume Maghsoodi

Page: 96-103

A new method to determine cluster heads based on principal component analysis in gene regulation process

Masoume Maghsoodi

Page: 104-111

Analyzing Semiconductor component's market sales data to create an Expert Fuzzy inference system

Saeed Saljooghi and Azamdokht Safisamghabadi

Page: 112-125

Categories Customers Using Data Mining for Effective Communication and Increased Profitability

Mahin Tasnimi

Page: 126-136

Design of Music house Inspired by Splashing Raindrops to approach Environmental Protection

Valiollah Ghasemi Gilvaei,Manuchehr Riahi and Afshin Param

Page: 137-144