International Academic Journal of Science and Engineering

  • ISSN 2454-3896

Volume 2, Issue 2

Implementation of electronic learning in the country and world with investigation of its advantages and problems

Aminah Khosravi Laghab

Page: 1-8

Evaluation of the intelligent hybrid methods to improve the performance of K-Means and C-Means algorithms

Behzad Radmehr and Reza Ghaemi

Page: 9-22

To solve knapsack problem using bee algorithm

Sanaz Larz Soleymani and Abdoreza Hatamloo

Page: 23-30

Assessment of need for attention to the issue of security in usage of Information Technology (Including Case study)

Hamid Gharagozlou and Maryam Mahboobi

Page: 31-45

A Content Based Image Retrieval System Using K-means and K-means++

Hassan Ketabi and Mohammadreza Asghari. Oskoei

Page: 46-53