International Academic Journal of Innovative Research

  • ISSN 2454-390X

Volume 1, Issue 2

Cell Phones Social networking software Applications: Factors and Features

Masoomeh Danesh and Marzieh Emadi

Page: 1-5

Face recognition using a training sample from each individual

Maynoosh Amraee and Abbass Koochari

Page: 6-13

The Islamic and Religious Education in Malaysian Schools: From Past Up to Now

Nasrin Karimizadeh and Mahmoud Abolghasemi

Page: 14-24

The effects of modern ways of teaching based on Choice Theory and Locus of Control on students’ operation

Seyede Roghaye Vaezzade and Elham Alinia

Page: 25-28

Poly Phenol & flavanoid Contents of Lime Juice

Zahra Alaei Roozbahani and Aref Olad Ghafari

Page: 29-37